Nuts & Bolts of Kindergarten
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Nuts & Bolts of Ms. Ford's Class
IndependenceKindergarten is a time to foster the independence of your child. In the classroom we will be facilitating your child’s independence as a learner by encouraging responsibility in academic, creative, and social/ emotional domains. Allow your child to make appropriate/ seasonal clothing choices and decide on healthy food choices for lunch and snack (guide your child by offering 2-3 choices that you feel are appropriate). Once at school, encourage your child to carry his/ her own backpack, place snacks and lunches in the appropriate baskets and independently carry out morning routines and rituals once inside the classroom.

Reading HomeworkThe most important homework you can do with your child is daily reading! I encourage at least 20 minutes of reading each day and this can look differently depending on your child (reading to your child, shared reading, your child reading to you, or any combination of the three). Engage your child in dialogue about the book during and after reading. Ask questions like... “What is your favorite part and why? Who are the characters? What was the problem in the story and how was it solved?” Always encourage your child to reference the text when answering. Once we move into guided reading groups your child will be bringing home a book bag with leveled reading books that will be brought back and forth each day during the week. At that time more information will be given to you on teaching points to coincide with your child’s current skill level.

Math & Writing HomeworkYour child should be working on math and writing everyday as well and these activities can easily be incorporated into your daily routine at home. Have your child practice writing the alphabet, first and last name, names of family and friends, environmental labels, words in books, and encourage writing about drawings or artwork. Encourage counting real objects for one-to-one correspondence (small snack items, pennies, beads) as well as rote counting (by 1s, 10s, 5s, 2s). Allow your child to help with making meals, baking, grocery shopping, and sorting laundry for awareness of real-world applications of mathematics. Play card games to aid in number sense and strategy games to foster problem solving; look for patterns in architecture and nature; make mention of time and the clock often and use different kinds of timers to help with the passage of time; play with and count money! These are just a few ideas to get you started...look for more to come!

Back and Forth FoldersYour child will be bringing this folder home daily and is our main means of communication between home and school. Please look for specific details about this folder when it comes home on the first day!!!

Birthday CelebrationsWe want to recognize each child’s birthday as all children really enjoy these celebrations! Your child will be honored with a special pin & necklace to wear and the class will sing a Birthday song during our morning routine. For summer birthdays, we can do a 1/2 birthday, so please let me know what works best for your family. You are welcome, but not obligated, to send birthday treats that can be enjoyed at the end of the day. Please consider healthier and simpler alternatives to cake or cupcakes with heavy frosting. Treats should be individually packaged and/or easy to pass out as we only have a short amount of time to enjoy them. Some ideas are cookies, gummy treats, bite-sized muffins, or non-food items (pencils, bookmarks, stickers). It is also Bromwell’s policy to refrain from handing out invitations to individual students at school as this may exclude children and cause hurt feelings. Please inform me 2-3 days in advance of when you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday so that we can make the proper arrangements.

Parent VolunteersWe have many ways for parents to get involved at Bromwell. Parent volunteers are always needed for Library and Art to assist the teachers in setting up and facilitating the class (Art), and for book checkout (Library). We would also like to have two room parents to help organize any special events happening in our classroom. Please fill out the volunteer sheet included in this packet to indicate how you would like to help. Also as the year progresses we love having parent volunteers in the classroom to assist with different activities. Once rituals and routines are established, Kindergarten children are more ready to have parents in the classroom. This varies from class to class (around 4-6 weeks into the school year). As we approach this time, I will send out a more detailed survey to gather parent interest and availability specific to volunteering in our room. Thank you in advance for being patient!

Please feel free to contact me when questions or concerns arise or if there is any information you feel will be helpful for me to know in order to ensure your child’s success in Kindergarten. E-mail and/ or notes in the Back and Forth Folder are the best ways to reach me. I check the folders every morning and my e-mail by midday and in the evenings. I look forward to our new partnership in your child’s education!