Letter/Sound Focus:

Letter/ Sound Focus:

September Letters: M-Missy Mouse, S-Sammy Snake
F-Francie Fish, H-Henny Horse and A-Allie Alligator

October Letters: C-Catina Cat, P-Petey Penguin, L-Lizzy Lizard,
G-Gordo Gorilla, R- Robbie Rabbit, E-Ellie Elephant, D-DeeDee Deer,K-Katie Kangaroo and N-Nigel Night Owl.

My goal is to have all the letters done by Thanksgiving break!

The scope & sequence of our program does not follow the traditional sequence of the alphabet; rather the most frequently used and easier of sounds are presented first and then it progresses with more difficult and less frequent sounds/ letters. This week we will study the letter M and the sound it makes (m-m-m). Your child will also learn a signal to do with each sound. Next week we will work on the letter S, sound (s-s-s). It is important that you present the name of the letter along with the sound and signal. Ask your child to show you the signals with the sounds for “Missy Mouse” and “Sammy Snake”.

Write these letters on sticky notes and place them in your house on objects that start with these letters. Be letter detectives and find words that start with these letters in books & the environment; practice writing these letters in both upper & lowercase, play "I Spy". Magnetic letters (preferably lowercase) on baking sheets provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to practice sounds.

Some other suggestions are cloud writing (writing in the air); shaving cream, pudding, or salt on a tray or cookie sheet; make flash cards; use sidewalk chalk; type these letters on the computer in different fonts; cut out these letters from magazines; write these letters on a dry erase board. Any kinesthetic activity that you can use to emphasize sounds & letters provides your child with more opportunities to connect his/her learning!